Frequently asked questions from previous Bride and Grooms

I am based in Dorchester, Dorset but I travel anywhere within the UK and abroad for destination weddings.

For weddings outside of a 40 miles radius from Dorchester, I would need to charge an additional fee to cover extra mileage costs and overnight accommodation if required.

Quite simply, DVD’s and CD’s deteriorate over time (never mind the risk of scratching) and I don’t feel comfortable relying on them for your photos.

Therefore, most of my packages come with a beautiful heart USB loaded with your images as well as the option to download your photos directly from your included password protected gallery.

Absolutely! This is great for you to get some great group photos of your family and friends who don’t always see each other as often.

However, it is recommended not to go too crazy with this list as the more time spent trying to find bob and sheila e.t.c. and then getting everyone to gather for the individual photos……it could end up taking a long time.

So it is best that you try to keep group photos short and prioritise the most important ones to you.

Most definitely! I have both public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Taking photos on the day is only a very small percentage of the work that goes into providing you your beautiful wedding photographic story.

After the day, I work through hundreds, if not thousands of images from duplicates, shots ruined due things like interruptions, eyes closed or misfires.

When I deliver your images, I want it to tell the story of your wedding day beautifully after I have spent many many hours over a few weeks going through every single image and adjusting the exposures, colours, contrast, colour styles, and cropping as well as spending even more many hours individually going through every single image editing the foregrounds and backgrounds so that every single image is the best it can be and represents my style of wedding photography before I finally reveal your beautiful images of your wedding story.

There is a well known saying that Quality is better than Quantity and I am all about delivering the best of the best for you to enjoy for years to come.

To put a number on it is hard as every wedding is different but I would say for an all day wedding, I would expect to deliver you around 300 – 500 images. 

The first question you need to ask yourself is…. Do you like my style of photography?

I have spent many, many years developing my craft and style and have photographed lots of weddings over the years since I began professionally in 2011.

I have invested in the right equipment for the job as well as being fully insured.

I have studied over the years to develop my craft and I know my equipment like the back of my hand. I know what to capture at the right time.

Hiring a professional photographer for your wedding is such an important thing to do.

If you need further reassurance to why you should hire a professional photographer like myself, have a look at this fantastic post from your perfect wedding photographer: Regret not hiring a professional wedding photographer